Torus Power RM Series Isolation Transformer Power Conditioner

  • The world’s finest clean power source for audio, video, automation and control systems
  • Dramatically increasing performance levels
  • Engineered to perform and protect like no other.
  • Stand-alone, plug and play
  • True isolation with massive, over-sized toroidal transformers
  • Increasing system reliability and extending product life.
  • Made in Canada

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WireWorld Matrix 2: 6-Way Shielded Power Strip / Distribution Block

• Six 13A/15A high quality outlets
• Aluminum anodized casing for superior RFI & EMI shielding
• Copper Busbar power distribution
• Star-Wired with Oxygen-Free Copper wiring
• DeoxIT Gold treated
• Rack mountable
• UK / US Version available
• Compact dimensions: 440x62x45mm
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