Torus Power RM Series Isolation Transformer Power Conditioner

  • The world’s finest clean power source for audio, video, automation and control systems
  • Dramatically increasing performance levels
  • Engineered to perform and protect like no other.
  • Stand-alone, plug and play
  • True isolation with massive, over-sized toroidal transformers
  • Increasing system reliability and extending product life.
  • Made in Canada

Torus Power, the world’s leading company in clean power delivery for audio video systems thru their fundamental technology of toroidal isolation.

Canadian based company with 30 years of experience in making some of the world’s highest performance transformers for use in the AV industry.

Since 2015, Torus Power focuses their experience on making the world’s best isolation transformers and power conditioners to enhance the performance and enjoyment of audio and video equipment, by eliminating noise and interference from untreated AC mains power.

*16A model*

Consistently top-rated by leading audiophile magazines, Torus Power RM series remain unparalleled for quality, performance, protection and value.

Torus Power isolation transformers are the consistent choice of knowledgeable audiophiles, home theatre enthusiasts, and custom electronic system integrators and designers, whose discriminating tastes and technical requirements mandate the ultimate performance and protection levels achievable.

Features proprietary technology utilizing massive toroidal transformers that deliver instant power (unlike many others in this category that use simple passive filters to achieve a lower quality result)

Recommended component of Stereophile magazine“The Torus Power Isolation Unit greatly enhances subtle details of tone, timber and imaging when dynamics were extreme or the volume was loud.”

Totally isolate your audio/video system from harsh AC power line realities, providing state-of-the-art protection and performance.

Delivers true isolation along with low source impedance and high instantaneous current.

Toroidal Isolation – total power isolation from the output power grid
Noise Filtering NBT (Narrow Bandwidth Technology) – attenuate differential and common-mode noise without external circuits or components, and the result is startling.
High Instantaneous Current Capability – even dynamic components (large, high power amplifiers) are never starved for power.
Lightning and Surge Protection – from potentially damaging AC power line events including severe lightning strickes and brownouts, thereby increasing system reliability, extending product life.

Extra heavy duty medical grade outlets custom manufactured by Hubbell, providing greater contact force, reduced heat buildup, and redundant grounding.

Plitron manufacturing’s patented NBT technologies medical-grade toroidal isolation transformers

Torus Power ultilizes LoNo (Low Noise) transformer design technology which eliminates audible noise in power transformer regardless of line conditions, DC offset and over-voltage.
Making ideal for use in even the most demanding environments such as professional recording and broadcast studios, in home theater and large-scale audio / video systems.

Providing clean power platform for your high performance and sensitive audio, video system

Built to a no compromise standard of quality, performance and reliability, Torus Power Toroidal Isolation transformers are engineered to perform and protect like no other.

*30A model*

*Dramatically improve the performance of all audio and video systems
*Audio with more dynamics, improved imaging, and cleaner, enhanced bass.
*Video is crisper, with darker blacks, and brighter colors.

RM 8A (12 US outlets) RM19,800
RM 8A (6 UK outlets) RM21,000
RM 16A (12 US outlets / 8 UK outlets) RM27,000
RM 30A (12 US outlets) RM46,500
RM 30A (8 outlets) RM48,000

*5 Years Warranty on the isolation transformer
*2 Years Warranty on all other internal components