SINE audio-grade duplex receptacle US/UK

  • -196°C CRYOgenic treatment greatly enhances quality and performance
  • The Frozen Cleanliness!
  • Extra thick Platinum / Gold dual plating
  • US and UK wall socket
  • Top audiophile grade sockets

Power Makes Difference

  • SINE Socket Series – The Frozen Cleanliness!

Freshsy sound quality by injecting strong elctricity.

The secret to reproduce the true nature of sound, achieving constantly emerging scenes… is the uncontaminated electricity.

SINE socket series uses ultra-low temperature freezing tech to maintain current strength and cleanliness to unleash the potential of your equipment.

Ultimate -196°C cryogenic break-through technology by freezing conductive metal for 64 hours at -196°C reforming the arrangement of metal atoms, greatly improvement in the flow rate.

High purity phosphor-bronze based (non-magnetic), ensures no oxidation and great conductivity.

Plated with extra thick Platinum / Gold onto the ultra-low-resistance brass and copper conductors.

Greatly improved sonic and visual quality

Solid construction and tightest connection.

-196°C cryogenic treatment


20 Amps

2P US (Platinum)

Sonic character: High analytical ability, transparent, quiet background, wide range of dynamics
Visual character: Obvious visual performance, brighter and sharper

Price:  RM 503

2G US (Gold)

Sonic character: Warm and sweet, powerful deep bass
Visual character: Enhanced visual performance, fuller color tone

Price:  RM 382