Frank Ultra Bank UB-15000Ws Power Bank

*A shunt reactor, reactive power absorber!
*Greatly increases system energy efficiency
*Made of audiophile grade components
*Widely featured, multi-awarded and reviewed internationally
*Most suitable for home HiFi, AV system, recording studios

Highly acclaimed Frank Ultra Bank Storage UB-15000Ws power conditioner

A shunt reactor, an absorber of reactive power, increasing the energy efficiency of the system, restoring back the lost energy during transmission from power plant.

The result is simply more powerful (to all electrical appliances), makes one greedy to add more…

ABL Sursum Cryo circuit breaker, Germany made with L EMI ground filter

Furutech Inlet (R) 15amp IEC

Furutech US duplex Output sockets (customizable)

100VAC -275VAC 50/60HzAC

Consists of dual core low loss Shunt Autotransformers

Dimension: H190 x W486 x D405 mm
Weight : 45.0kg

Some of the reviews:


Price:  RM6500