Weiduka AC8.8 Power Filter Conditioner with UK plug

  • 2017 facelift model is available too
  • HiFI & AV Perfomance Power Filter
  • Outputs pure clean power that lifts your system up to another level.
  • Benefits all electrical devices.
  • Built in backlit digital Voltmeter
  • Universal input voltage; 3000W ; 15A
  • 1-1 Exchange Warranty Policy.

NEW!! 2017 Facelift Model (upgraded meter display)



Professional Quality Mains Power Filter

Weiduka AC8.8 Power Purifier Conditioner Filter 3 in 1
– Performance Mains Power Conditioner (AC filters, surge absorption, automatic overload circuit protection)
– Made of imported high quality components, unique and patented filter.
– Professional instrument grade, Germany WIMA interference capacitor, pole filter capacitor.
– 15A automatic overload short-circuit protection
– 6x GOLD-plated universal socket, 4x American standard double reed socket
– Embedded backlit LCD header display, easy-to-read voltage display
– 3000W strong load power, coupled with dual inductor current filter.
– Benefits all kinds of HiFi, AV Equipment, projector, a variety of theater equipment for Visual Picture Quality and Audio Sound Quality!
– Quality capacitor filter, lifts your system up to another level.


Size: 332mm x 132mm x 112mm
Weights: 2.4KG

* Black color.
* Brushed finished aluminum chassis
* Pleasure to read Bluish LED display
* The 2 Power Switches at the back is thoughtful especially for those with kids at home..

A test of how dirty is our AC current.. imagine having those into our system…
Dirty Electricity demo.. EMI/RFI noise in our AC current.

Tester: Powerline Noise Analyzer from UK, made in USA
Place: SS14, Subang Jaya

The meter is capable of showing maximum reading of 199.9, anything above that will be shown as 1, and the OverRange LED lits up.
And noise is also output from the internal speaker.
After plugging into the Weiduka AC8.8 power conditioner, meter shows 0 and SILENT What a Face
This is a simple demo of the noisy dirty electrical pollution and how effective a power conditioner in dealing with them.

From google…
Dirty electricity is electromagnetic pollution (EMI or RFI) that’s created by many electrical devices and is caused by interruptions in the flow of normal current.
Also potentially pose a wide range of health problems…

Our Price:  RM220 nett

NEW 2017 Facelife Model Price: RM250 nett

*  1 Year 1-1 Exchange Local Warranty by Actsessory Shoppe Enterprise
**Package comes with a box and power cable MK UK/Malaysia plug PLUS

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