Weiduka AC2.2 Power Filter Conditioner

  • HiFi/AV Power Filter Protection 3-in-1
  • Smaller brother of AC8.8, for simple system setup
  • Its purified power greatly benefits all electrical devices.
  • Universal input voltage; 1500W ; 10A
  • 1-1 Exchange Warranty Policy.

ac2.2 1

Weiduka AC 2.2 Advanced 1500W (Max. 2200W) Purifier Conditioner Filter 3 in 1

– Performance Power Conditioner Filter Protection (AC filters, surge absorption, automatic overload circuit protection)
– Imported high quality components, high purity copper wire, unique and patented filter.
– 10A automatic overload circuit breaker
– 4x universal socket outlets, gold plated.

Wei AC22
– Benefits all kinds of HiFi, AV Equipment, projector, a variety of theater equipment for Visual Picture Quality and Audio Sound Quality!
– Transparent music, quiet background, wider soundstage, improved details etc are the words given to it once it’s setup along the chain.
– Quality capacitor filter, lifts your system up to another level.
– Adopting unique patented filter, a break-through of traditional filter elements, the inductance effectively eliminates the power interference and noise floor to the lowest.
– Resulting in deeper punchy low-frequency, higher dynamic range and better transient response.

Weiduka 2B
Size: 300mm x 72mm x 50mm

* Brushed finished silvery aluminum chassis

Weiduka 2D

Our Price:  RM195 nett.

*  1 Year 1-1 Exchange Local Warranty by Actsessory Shoppe Enterprise
**Package comes with a box and power cable PLUS

FREE GIFTS of i) 3-Pin Adapter  and  ii) RCA Protective Caps of 12pcs!

3pin adapter RCA cap

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