Ascendo The 6 CCM6-P Immersive Audio Monitor Loudspeaker

  • Passive high-performance monitor
  • Highest performance ratio to speaker volume
  • Thickness of only 88mm
  • Heavy-duty 6.5″ (165mm) coaxial driver
  • Great efficiency with SPL 113dB cont.
  • 3D home theater realization with Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D or DTS:X

This 6.5” of CCM series of Ascendo was designed by our engineers to offer the highest performance ratio to speaker volume.

Employing the same proven 2-way axi-symmetric point source coaxial technology as the larger CCRM speaker series.

CCM6-P ideally accompanies the CCM5-P plus the SV-12 subwoofer in an all ASCENDO budget high-performance system.

It can serves as a surround and ceiling speaker in a large home theater system, as well as music background speaker paired with a woofer.

The high sensitivity of 93dB/w/m paired with 200W RMS power handling allow lower power AV receivers or high-power amplifiers to achieve record SPL for reference level home theater projects.

Major advantage of the CCM6-P is its shallow depth of only 88mm.

-Time coherent 6.5″ coax point-source speaker type
-Vented enclosure
-Continuous Output @ 113dB cont. (117dB Peak)
-Frequency Range: 80Hz – 20kHz / -3dB
-Sensitivity : 93dB / 1W/m
-Impedance : 8 Ohms
-Power Handling : 200W
-Directivity horizontal: 90° x 90°
-Enclosure : Internally braced birch ply
-Black matt finish

Dimensions: W260 x H440 x D88 mm
Weight : 6.0 kg

*All speakers are supplied with a front magnetic grille.

Built-in wall brackets for horizontal and vertical installation + VESA 100 mounting points

Custom colour option of piano lacquer (12 layers), colour of choice.

Price:  RM4,400 ea