Torus Power AVR-2 Elite Series Isolation Transformer Power Conditioner

  • The world’s finest clean power source for audio, video, automation and control systems
  • Dramatically increasing performance levels
  • Torus Power’s highly regarded (Automatic Voltage Regulation) models
  • Stand-alone, plug and play
  • True isolation with massive toroidal transformers
  • Extra control and monitoring features with ethernet network and WiFi
  • Torus Power Connect cloud-based website for remote power management
  • Made in Canada

Torus Power, the world’s leading company in clean power delivery for audio video systems thru their fundamental technology of toroidal isolation.

Canadian based company with 30 years of experience in making some of the world’s highest performance transformers for use in the AV industry.

Since 2015, Torus Power focuses their experience on making the world’s best isolation transformers and power conditioners to enhance the performance and enjoyment of audio and video equipment, by eliminating noise and interference from untreated AC mains power.

*16A model*

Being used in some of the world’s most critical recording studios, Torus Power also features in some of the very best home audio, video and home theater systems in the world.

Features proprietary technology utilizing massive toroidal transformers that deliver instant power (unlike many others in this category that use simple passive filters to achieve a lower quality result)

AVR2 Elite series – Torus Power’s highly regarded AVR models add Automatic Voltage Regulation to the already well respected, tried-and-tested features of the RM series.

Torus’s AVR models regulate voltage to enhance protection by protecting against voltage sags, brownouts and surges.

AVR2 Elite series adds improved regulation tolerance and many extra control and monitoring features.

The new AVR-2 Elite products are full-feature state-of-the-art power transformer, isolating and protecting your system.

Provides true isolation with massive toroidal transformers and protects all connected equipment from risk of severe power line surges using series-model surge suppresion.

Providing clean power platform for your high performance and sensitive audio, video system

Using a multi-top transformer that adjusts to voltage fluctuations

AVR unit senses the voltage change and automatically selects the best input top to compensate and maintain a stable voltage at the output

Toroidal isolation with automatic voltage regulation ensure optimum performance for your high performance audio video system

AVR-2 ELITE packs the following features and benefits:
*Toroidal isolation for ultimate clean performance
*Automatic voltage regulation with 4V increments for stable voltage output
*Series mode surge suppression for protection against lightning, surges, spikes, and more
*Connects to local network using Web page browser for remote accessibility, monitoring, and control
*Addressable outlet zones for control and monitoring
*Scheduling and sequencing of outlet zones
*Email notification of fault conditions
*No programming or internet connection needed if not using Tours Power Connect service
*Large graphic display of key power parameters for better usability
*Internal Flash memory for 10,000 events to record information
*Internal high reliability power supply module
*Optical isolation between high voltage and low voltage for increased safety and compliance with new standards

NEW features and improvements:
*New powerful 32-bit microprocessor that gives faster processing and more memory.
*Independent power supplies for high/low voltage supply improves reliability and AV quality
*Re-designed AVR platform of 4V increments for input taps means more accurate voltage regulation and output voltage
*New PCB’s for improved performance and long-term product reliability
*WiFi connectivity allows for software upgrades in the field
*USB connection for 3rd party connectivity, LED lighting and charging

*TORUS Power Connect – cloud based monitoring and control
-Remote monitoring and control from android/IOS devices
-Power cycle outlet zones from portable device
-Installer dashboard for mutiple installations
-On-demand and monthly power reporting for recurring revenue plans

AVR-2 Elite of new technology uses a micro-processor to monitor and control voltage, seamlessly switching the multi-tapped toroidal transformer to ensure voltage powering your connected equipment remains in the optimal range.

In the event of a high or low incoming mains voltage fault conditoin the unit disconnects power to the connected equipment automatically, adding another level of protection.
When input voltage restores to proper range, the AVR-2 Elite will automatically restart normal operation to restore power.

*30A model*

Torus Power AVR-2 Elite includes a front panel LCD display to provide information regarding input and output voltages, output current, power consumption, total harmonic distortion, as well as displaying fault conditions.

AVR-2 Elite operation modes:
1) Stand-alone, plug and play with no internet connectivity required.
2) Local Network: Web browser – Set up, monitor and control on smartphones, tablets or computers on local networking. Hard-wired network connection required.
3) Cloud Connection, thru Torus Power Connect. Built-in WiFi allows connection to Torus Power Connect cloud-based website for remote power management.

AVR-2 Elite 8A (11+R outlets) RM42,000
AVR-2 Elite 16A (11+R outlets)RM51,000
AVR-2 Elite 30A (17+R outlets)RM73,400

*5 Years Warranty on the isolation transformer
*2 Years Warranty on all other internal components

AVR2 models are also available in large Wall Mount cabinets to protect whole homes or buildings, in 30, 45, 50 amp models