Pannde PD6(X) Flagship 4K UHD Universal Disc Player

  • The ultimate reference 4K UHD player!
  • Plays 4K UHD, Bluray, 3D, SACD, DVD, CD
  • Dual tororidal transformer linear power supplies
  • Dual femto-clock
  • Dual operating system
  • Region free, Cinavia free
  • Reference quality video
  • Audiophile stereo performance, dual ESS Sabre Pro DAC
  • Balanced XLR, single ended RCA stereo analog output

Pannde PD6 / PD6X – the flagship 4K UHD player built with all efforts of Pannde and IPUK, after a year of development.

*Region free, Cinavia free

Rigid contruction, double-layer chassis with 3 separated zones structure.

Special selected and sourced premium grade, high performance components from semiconductor chips to resistors and capacitors, to meet the highest specs.

Solid hardware structure design, neat and well-organized internal circuitries.

“It shall be the most heavy weighted universal disc player on the market.”

Excellent, detailed, 3D-like images with full of contrast, good sense of film, outstanding color and texture.

The level of digital data restoration is simply pure, excellent with rich details.

“The sound timbre is quiet, clean and transparent with fine micro-dynamics.
The thickness and 3D sense of vocal is impressive.
It is more than capable as a dedicated stereo player and it is comparable with similar price range CD player.
Versatile player for movies and stereo.”

*PD6X has Neutrik XLR connectors

Universal disc and file playback:
Reads 4K UHD Bluray, Bluray, 3D Bluray, DVD, DVD-Audio, AVCHD, SACD, CD, CDRW, DVD-RW, BD-R/RE.

Reference quality video of 4K HDR/HDR10, as well as HDR10+, Dolby Vision and HLG

Supports advanced audio formats of Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Auro-3D, IMAX Enhanced…

Brushed aluminum front panel, metal reinforced, double-layered chassis structure

Stable foundation isolating from outside vibration

Plays Hard drive media BDMV, BDISO, SACD ISO, DVD ISO, TS, MKV, AVI, M2TS, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 etc.

High Res audio music playback WMA, AAC, MP3, Mpeg2-ACC WAV, FLAC, APE, Cue list, DFF, DSF, AIFF etc

*Panel mount fuse holder

Specially made for audio enthusiasts…
Dedicated stereo analog output of:
*ESS ES9038PRO DAC chip for outstanding clarity and sound stage
*Balanced XLR and single-ended RCA connectors
*Fully balanced, true differential signal path from DAC chip to XLR
*Hi-RES lossless audio AIFF, WAV, ALAC, APE, FLAC
*DSD audio decoding output
*LDO linear voltage regulator
*ELNA FOR AUDIO audio series capacitors
*100M TCXO femto audio clock
*MUSE8920 audiophile grade op-amp 6pcs
*German WIMA filtering caps 20pcs

A more complete ultimate mainboard of:
*6-layer mainboard, more powerful circuitry, better signal loop
*MTK8581 CAAV mainchip, quad-core video processor/decoder
*27M VC-TCXO femto-clock of 0.5ppm, ultra-high precision, ultra-low phase noise

It’s a crystal (oscillator) clock of 500 times higher accuracy than the standard one out there.
The data conversion requires high precision, thus the higher the accuracy, lesser jitter, the more complete information, followed with higher data restoration of much better the images and sound output.

*2x Toshiba NAND (4GB + 2GB) for each system
*18 channels of LDO regulator power supplies of different specs
*Samsung DDR3-1800 (12GB)
*7x polymer capacitors
*17x ELNA Can-SMD ensuring pure current supply
*Custom hi-quality gold-plated terminals
*6-layered imported high TG PCB board with gold-plating process
*6-layer of hi-freq immersion gold circuitry, 18K gold-plated output terminals
*Murata MLCC (Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor)

High Precision Optical Disc Loader:
*Fully enclosed dust-proof drive, optimized laser mechanism
*Shock-resistant, vehicle-grade anti-vibration spring tray
*Metal drive shell
*Uses Sony 480AAA module
*Multiple protections from vibration and noise ensure quiet, stable and fast loading.

Toroidal Power supply:
Dual massive 70W toroidal linear power supplies
Pure copper toroidal transformer
Ultra low noise, clean and robust power source
Fully separated, independent power supplies for mechanical (digital) and audio decoding (analog) ciruitries contributing maximum AV quality, eliminating harmful interference.

Power supply structure of the mainboard (digital) for PD6X:
*Solid core, silver plated OFC interconnects.
*ON Semi linear regulators (LDO) 4pcs
*Texas Instruments LDO chip
*Rubycon ZLH series capacitors 14pcs
*Custom order Pioneer Nippon Chemi-Con audio caps 4pcs

Supports large-capacity hard drives thru USB

Supports file playback of NFS, SMB, NAS shared resources in local area network

Digital outputs:
Dual HDMI outputs
Optical output
Coaxial output
USB3.0 x1
USB2.0 x1
Ethernet port

*Dual operation system (UDP-205 and LX800 based) of smooth and responsive operation.
*Each of them has its own advantages, and also character, sonically and visually.

The manufacturer suggests watching movies with 205’s and music with LX800’s system, sometimes it makes new experience doing the other way around.

“Pannde PD6(X) is a well-crafted, powerful and serious player. Comparing with previous high-end UHD players I’ve tried, PD6 has much better image details and 3-Dimensionality, better sound dynamics and expressiveness.”

*Comes with backlit remote

Dimension: W430 x D330 x H112.5 mm
Weight : 14.6kg

Price:  RM10,500 (PD6); RM12,350(PD6X)

1 Year Local Warranty