Golden Sound USA 4K HDMI Cable

  • Makes MUSIC and VIDEO come alive!
  • Military Spec Silver-Plated tech
  • High purity oxygen-free copper
  • 24K Gold-Coated connectors
  • 21Gbps bandwidth; HDMI2.0
  • Lifetime Warranty

gs hdmi cable
– – – Makes MUSIC and VIDEO come alive! – – –

*Support HDMI2.0
*4K / 2160P Spec



– Military Spec Silver-Plated technology
– High purity oxygen-free copper for maximum efficiency
– Add Color Space
– 24AWG specification design
– 3D
– 1080P/120Hz
– 2160P/60Hz
– 24K Gold-Coated connectors
– Aluminum Jack Shell
– Flat cable, High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet


+ Up to 32 audio channels
+ Up to 1536KHz audio sample frequency
+ Up to 4K 50/60Hz
+ Dual video stream
+ Multi-stream audio
+ CEC extensions
+ Dynamic sync of video audio streams
+ Support 21:9 wide angle theatrical video aspect ratio

GS hdmi 20m

* Golden Sound cable bandwidth tested over 21Gbps! While HDMI2.0 is 18Gbps
* And tested to pass all HDMI2.0 specs
* Super bandwidth, rich details, clear color, excellent layer and large detailed soundstage, dynamic bass, delicate sound performance!
* Backward compatible with older HDMI versions.

“Golden Sound products are extremely affordable and offer some of the best value in all the high end” Soundstage


# Every cable is individually tested electronically and 60mins burn-in done in factory.
# Each cable has its own serial number printed.
# Specifically assigned product in videophile exhibition / reference.
# OPPO bundles Golden Sound cable for their latest BDP-105 and BDP-103 model in certain countries.


# SONY assigned cable brand for new 4K projector launch.

4k sony 4k son

1.2M @ RM-
1.5M @ RM-
2.0M @ RM-

*Lifetime Warranty
*1 to 1 Exchange

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