2-Pin Euro Plug to 3-Pin UK Mains Adapter

  • Convert 2-Pin Euro Plug to 3-Pin UK Mains
  • Fitted with a Bussmann 13A fuse


Convert 2-Pin Euro Plug to 3-Pin UK Mains

This adapter plug is a Euro Convertor Plug (ECP) That will safely convert and Euro 2-Pin CEE7 (XVI) plug into a 3-Pin UK Plug Bussmann 1363-5


Open the hinged lid and then simply push the 2 pin plug until it simply snaps into place.
Close the hinged lid and you have a safe and fully working UK 3 pin plug.


The plug has easy and safe external fuse access and is fitted with a Bussmann 13A fuse.




This plug is an ideal replacement to fit most bluray player, TV, notebook charger, adapter, turntable, lamp etc. Also fits PS3 , Wii and many other items that come with a 2 pin euro plug.


P/S: Cable not included

Our Price:  RM 13