Brass Copper Spike Isolation Cone Feet with Base

  • Spike isolation feet suspends acoustic feedback
  • Base/floor disc included for surface protection
  • Dual use top plate OR screw-in design


Spike isolation cone feet suspends acoustic feedback from your speakers/subwoofer/amp/cd player etc equipment.
– to separate your players, amplifier or other audio components from vibration.
– The tones will be more focused and tighter, improved clarity, stereo imaging, and bass response
– Brass Copper material promises high specific gravity (density)

M5 sized screw


Base/floor disc included to protect the floor / surface from sharp tip.


* Set up the spikes under the equipment with top plate, OR screw into the speaker/device.
* No drill is needed.
* Screw to adjust the spikes make sure better contacted.


The sound kit comes with Spike Cone + Gold Base + 3M double sided tape

Weights 70g each spike with base pad
Base diameter: 25mm


Our Price:  RM 13/set (1 Spike + 1 Floor Disc)