Egg Profile Acoustic Absorber Foam

  • Convoluted foam with optimal density and controlled porosity
  • Control harsh reflected noise levels, reverberation time, echo or resonant modes
  • Flexible and easy to cut
  • Economical and efficient solution as sound treatment


Convoluted acoustic absorbers with optimal density and controlled porosity.

Typically used as a sound treament solution for reducing echo and deadening sound.

An economical and efficient solution to reduce and control reverberation time, echo or resonant modes, thereby improving acoustic comfort and performance.

Typically used in areas where sound bounces and echoes around a space off of the walls, ceilings, doors, and other features of a room to control harsh reflected noise levels, vibration, and echoes.


This egg crate pattern creates increased surface area, giving you better sound absorption performance. The foam material is flexible and easy to cut.

You will be amazed at what acoustic foam can do for your sound system. Also ideal for small recording rooms and studios.

Could use staples, adhesive or build a frame to mount it.

Full sheet size 74-76″ x 42″ (188-193 x 107 cm)

Measures 35mm for tip to base


Charcoal gray/black color

Our Price:  RM 60/pc