Ascendo SV12 Active Immersive Audio Subwoofer

  • Small size yet BIG chest thumping bass
  • 12″ ultra-stiff glass fiber composite driver
  • 500W RMS high efficiency Class D
  • HDF cabinet with massive bracing
  • Accepts balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs
  • 3 years warranty (amp); 5 years warranty (cabinet)

The SV-12 is the first subwoofer that Ascendo’s high-end products can offer for less than RM6,000…

Small size yet BIG bass

Chest thumping bass that plays deep down, unleashes cinema level volume with the ability to convey and articulate and subtle nuances of music.

At the heart of the powered sub, is a ultra-hard glass fiber composite cone drive with a low-inductance voice coil paired with large throw rubber surround.

The SV12 12″ driver was developed from the ground up, a design focus on achieving output, accuracy, dynamics and linearity while minimizing distortion.

HDF cabinet with massive internal bracing and dual ports minimizing port turbulence.

500W RMS high efficiency Class D amplifier with vast power reserves for highly accurate deep bass for your home theater and stereo music system.

Accepts balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA connection. (LFE/Line Level inputs)

Comes with black cloth grille mesh

12″ (305mm) Composite Cone driver
500W RMS Class D amplifier
Freq Response: 25-150Hz
Crossover Freq: 40-150Hz (variable)
Phase Control

Dimension: W400 x H480 x D400 mm, including feet and grille.
Weight : 22.0kg

3 years warranty on amplifier
5 years warranty on cabinet
“The Ascendo Immersive Audio SV-12 is a chest slamming and toe tapping dynamo.”
“The sound is tight and punchy. While its possible to tune a 12 inch driver down below 20HZ you lose a lot of efficiency in the upper bands and many great subwoofer designers don’t bother in this category and for good reason.”
“John Wick 3 has amazing depth to the soundtrack. Shotgun blasts and explosions coming from all over, this subwoofer definitely sits in the top of its class with a handful of other 12 inch subwoofer solutions out there.”

“Fast pressure, within a few seconds, the listening room becomes a cinema hall with a good atmosphere and low pressure.
Music that lives, fine dynamics, the sound not only gains in bass intensity, but also in warmth, atmosphere and credibility.
The SV-12 can not only be ultra deep, but also crisp. Merciless deep bass, crisp basic tones and decent structure-borne noise.”

“Affordable high-end bass for every application”
“Dry, clean, deep sound character”
“Gigantic level reserves, sounds very good even quietly”
“Loop-thru outputs of XLR + RCA, hum-free without protective earth”
“Ascendo SV-12 – a new sub £1000 benchmark”
“When you marry the output to articulation the SV-12 is one serious package”
“On paper the SV-12 is not hitting the lowest of frequencies but the ones it does hit, can all be delivered with real power and control behind them. No point in going really low if all the sound nearby is reduced or fuzzy…”

Price:  RM5,700