Solid Steel Speaker Stand (2Ft)

  • Solid steel, robust speaker stand
  • Sand fillable
  • Black powdercoat finish.
  • Complete with isolation spikes
  • Round pillar / 4-Rectangular column
  • Customizable height


Solid steel speaker stand for bookshelf / surround speakers.

The solid steel structure provides ample stability, made to be high quality, high mass, high rigidity, robust speaker stands


Black color, finished in a rugged yet attractive powdercoat ensuring years of durability.

Sand fillable for more solid weight.

Comes with a set of knurled, adjustable height, pin-point acoustic isolation spikes.

3ft stand

2Ft stand, ready stock.

i) Firm Stand series of round pillar stand.

Top Plate- 150 x 150 mm
Base Plate- 255 x 305 mm
Height- 2ft (610mm)
Spike height of 1 inch

2ft – RM450/pair


ii) Maximum Rigidity series of 4 rectangular columns stand

Top Plate- 155 x 205 mm
Base Plate- 230 x 260 mm
Height- 2ft (610mm)
Spike height of 1 inch

2ft – RM650/pair