Lifestyle Custom Design Glass speaker stands, curved base

  • Tempered clear glass
  • Sand filled, brushed finish stainless steel pole
  • Spikes and floor discs included
  • Wooden/laminated floor friendly
  • Curved base
  • Fully customisable

Lifestyle speaker stand series

glass stand 8
* Fragile * only suitable for placement at corners / places that are “quiet and safe”

The stylish stand comes with sand filled, brushed finish stainless steel pole, and spikes to ensure optimum performance.


Floor discs (spike base) are included too for use with wood or laminate floor.

glass stand 6

Superbly finished 5mm glass top and 6mm bottom sheets give the lifestyle tempered clear glass speaker stand strength and elegance.

glass stand 2

Tempered Clear Glass Speaker Stands
– with Stainless Steel Rods
– Curved Base
– Spikes on glass top and floor spikes with floor disc to ensure top quality performance
– Tempered clear, toughened safety glass of 5mm (top glass), 6mm (base) for 2Feet Height, thickness increases for taller stand.

glass stand 4

Glass stand 3

– Stainless Steel, brushed finished rods are pre-filled with sand aiding sound reproduction and sturdy stand

Top glass measures at 15 x 20 cm.

Length: Customizable

Glass Stand1

Suitable for hifi bookshelf, surrounds and even center speaker!

glass stand 5

2ft – RM700/pair
3ft – RM800/pair
4ft – RM890/pair