Oppo HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier & DAC

  • Elegant, ultra slim sophiticated headamp
  • ESS SABRE32 Reference Grade DAC
  • Hybrid Class AB amplification
  • Built-in rechargeable batt as Mobile PowerBank
  • USB DAC (up to 384 kHz PCM & DSD256)


Oppo HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier and DAC with built-in rechargeable battery


A true companion for music on the go!


High resolution USB DAC for all Apple / Android / PC / Mac.

ESS Sabre Reference DAC

Reference grade ESS Sabre32 ES9018-K2M DAC chip

Two gain settings for optimal headphone matching from very sensitive In-Ear Monitors to the most power-hungry Over-the-Ears headphones (300mW into 16-Ohm).

Clean Signal Path – There is no DSP (Digital Signal Processor) in the HA-2, its an analog potentiometer

Bass Boost function that is fully implemented purely with analog audio circuits.

With Bass Boost off, the HA-2 delivers a ruler-flat frequency response


Mobile Power Bank

Function as mobile power bank (3000mAh) for charging your mobile devices

Ultra-slim Design

Ultra slim design, housed in aluminum chassis, wrapped in genuine leather casing with beveled aluminum edges, allowing stacking HA-2 on top of the smartphone.

HA-2 meshes equally well in the pocket of an urban Millennial

Elegant yet sophisticated portable headamp that greatly enhances music playback

HA-2-fullview copy

Featuring hybrid class AB amplification and a Asynchronous USB DAC that supports 384 kHz 32-bit PCM and DSD256 (12 MHz)

High-Resolution Audio

High performance digital-to-analog conversion

Rapid Charging

Features patented VOOC rapid charging technology from Oppo, it can be efficiently charged in 30mins (75% capacity that gives hours of operation), full charged in 90mins

*Approx. 13 hours for analog source via Audio-in; approx. 7 hours for digital sources via USB


Two USB DAC input ports for Apple’s and Android devices / PC and Mac computers.

Made for iPod, iPhone and iPad

The HA-2 passes Apple’s “MFi” certification and is compatible with the latest iPod, iPhone and iPad, requires no Camera Connection Kit (CCK)


A 3.5mm input for portable music players that do not offer USB digital output


SRP:  RM1399

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