Solid Tech IsoBlack Vibration Isolators (Set of 4)

  • Pure technology… NO Voodoo here…
  • Offers 84.64% reduction at 20Hz
  • True isolation, no coloration, masking nor acccentuation
  • Simply music’s natural ebbs and flows.
  • Can be used on any rack and equipment
  • Highest industrial grade compression-springs

Pure technology.. NO Voodoo here..

Solid Tech IsoBlack offers 84.64% reduction at 20Hz, which you’ve ever seen an independently conduction vibration measurement from any other audio-isolator manufacturer.

True isolation, no coloration, masking nor acccentuation, simply music’s natural ebbs and flows.

IsoBlack can be used on any rack and equipment

Ensuring isolation even in the lowest and most degrading frequencies, resulting in much higher fidelity without tonal highlighting and masking such as more dynamic, cleaner transient response, wider and deeper soundstage, increased low level information, tighter bass and silkier highs.

Top bottom layer of precision laser-cut high-gloss arylic discs and damping layer, and anti-slide surface.

Highest industrial grade compression-springs, allows high freedom of movement in all planes.

Optimal isolation characteristics and height adjustment is achieved easily through adjustment of the number of compression-springs in each isolator.

**Extra 2x compression-springs are included in each pack of IsoBlack for fine levelling.

Price:  RM590 

Optional Solid Tech Compression-Spring (Set of 16) is available for sale.