JBL Studio Loudspeakers Series

  • JBL’s latest loudspeaker release
  • Promises big sound at affordable pricing
  • Capable for home theater / 2-ch stereo applications
  • Wood finish

From the California birthplace of the world’s largest audio brand “JBL”, employs a compression driver and horn technology of the traditional, into pure audio speaker system “STUDIO 6 Series” that can let home theater and stereo HiFi enthusiast enjoy the sound of orthodox.

The technology-oriented JBL STUDIO 6 speakers are equipped with a lot of high-quality hardware, so that music-loving speaker enthusiasts can enjoy concert-level accurate timbre and strong sound effects at home without leaving home.

JBL STUDIO 6 consists of ten speakers, which are combined into the shocking JBL iconic high fidelity sound:

Over the past 70 years, JBL has focused on providing music lovers and professionals with pure legendary sound, constantly interpreting the connotation of contemporary trends with colorful and fashionable styles and rich and diverse products, and constantly innovating products that meet the needs of the times and innovate the trend of the times in the speaker industry.

The high-quality stereoscopic surround sound presented by the JBL STUDIO 6 home theater speakers satisfies the pursuit of maximum sound effect at home and allows people to enjoy a wonderful family concert without having to go out.

The JBL Studio 6 series is simply a speaker system that fulfills all the expectations of audiophiles.

The JBL Studio 6 series takes the sound and excitement you enjoy at home to another dimension.

New, appealing form factor speaker system that is pleasing to eyes, making it perfect match for your home decor.

The new JBL Studio 6 speaker system is everything your inner audiophile could hope for.

Top-ranked sound of its PolyPlas cones, marvel at the concert-grade accuracy and power of its acoustics speaker drivers
Get electrified by its HD imaging waveguide, complete with high-frequency compression driver.
A modern new clean look that’s equally stylish

With JBL Studio 6, home listening will never sound – or feel – the same.

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JBL Studio Center Loudspeakers

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