JBL Stage Loudspeakers Series

  • JBL’s latest loudspeaker release
  • Promises big sound at affordable pricing
  • Capable for home theater / 2-ch stereo applications
  • Two-tone unique design for wood

JBL’s latest loudspeaker release, STAGE, promises big sound at affordable pricing that is equally capable for home theater or 2-channel stereo applications.

With a history spanning the better part of 100 years, American loudspeaker manufacturer JBL has a rich history, with roots firmly planted in every facet of the music business and the motion picture industry.

Whether you’re into home cinema or two-channel stereo, ears tend to prick up when either JBL or HARMAN get a mention.

JBL Stage series display quality and the performance are far beyond what you’d expect.

Two-tone unique design for wood

The engineering resources of the Harman group have been applied generously to the Stage series and those efforts are clearly audible.

JBL Stage is an advanced, home-stereo / home-theater speaker system that offers you the thrill of a live-concert experience, all in your living room. It captures every note of the audio spectrum from high to low, and combines them into pure listening pleasure.

JBL Stage Floorstand Loudspeakers

JBL Stage Center Loudspeakers

JBL Stage Bookshelf Loudspeakers

JBL Stage Active Subwoofer