Golden Sound USA HD-V6000S HDMI Cable

  • Makes MUSIC and VIDEO come alive!
  • Military grade electroplating tech
  • Single crystal silver-clad conductors
  • Zinc alloy shell + 24K Gold-Coated connectors
  • Over 21Gbps bandwidth; HDMI2.0
  • 4K 2160P/60Hz

– – – Makes MUSIC and VIDEO come alive! – – –

World first 35M length HDMI cable achieving HDMI V1.4 specification without adding repeater!

Golden Sound V6000S is made with single crystal silver-clad conductors.

4K 2160P/60Hz

Over 21Gbps ultra high bandwidth design (decay by length of 20M and above), vs the existing 4K 18Gbps spec.

Flat cable design

Provides rich, high contrast and vivid colors for preferred picture quality and bandwidth performance

Sonically thick, warm and detailed performance of audio

Zinc alloy shell +24K gold-plated connectors

Military grade electroplating conductors

Designed with carefully selected materials, high precision machining and strict quality control

Golden Sound does not utilize any amplifying element at the cable connector, as it seriously affects the AV performance.

Realistic performance, beautiful sound, much wider frequency range and stability are always the main focus.

1.0M @ RM730
2.0M @ RM990
3.0M @ RM1230

*Lifetime Warranty
*1 to 1 Exchange