IPUK HDD8580 USB3.0 Linear Power SATA Harddisk Enclosure

  • HiFi/AV-phile grade USB3.0 HDD Caddy for serious playback
  • Linear power supply
  • High quality components and parts
  • All-aluminum chassis
  • ASM controller chip solution
  • Support capacity up to 16TB
  • Specially developed by LE team for enthusiast
  • Pro version (Femto-second Clock) available.

Audiophile + videophile grade HDD caddy is of high quailty mobile storage device specially developed for the AV/HiFi-enthusiast.

Designed and built by LE team which produced and engineered the Oppo UE (Ultimate Edition) UDP.

It provides a HDD enclosure function and performance, while improving data reading/writing stability, the pursuit of excellence in data retrieval quality.

Constant current power supply output from
+ 35W silver-copper combined toroidal transformer
+ high-speed rectifier circuit for voltage stabilization.
+ Ruby and WIMA micro filter circuitry

While the harddisk racking firmly holding the drive in place, chunky isolation damping silicone feet, help reducing the HDD physical vibration during operation.

4.2kg all-aluminum chassis effectively reduces vibration from the hard drive operation.

ASM Controller chip is equipped with clock separation technology to remove jitter interference and provides stable and accurate data retrieval.

Supports HDD capacity up 16TB, tested.

The result is obviously improved color saturation, cleaner picture, quieter background and better contrast in video, and enhanced audio separation and immersion, thicker sound.

Whether you are a music or movie enthusiast, you deserve it.


**Pro, Femto Clock version**

Femtosecond Clock is added in PRO version, a suspension structure in used for shock absorption. Such treatment is simply “HiFi” and “feverish”.


It’s a crystal (oscillator) clock of 500 times higher accuracy than the standard one out there.

Every femto-second clock used, is of military grade, each of every single clock has a serial number and individual test data report of its own.
This ensures product consistency, most stable and maximum effect.

The data conversion requires high precision, thus the higher the accuracy, lesser jitter, the more complete information, followed with much better the images and sound output.

Dimension: W330 x D230 x H70 mm
Weight : 4.6kg

Fine, transparent and solid 3D-like images with vivid color and high contrast.
Sonically full and thick yet powerful, rich in details.

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Price:  RM1980(Standard); RM2480(PRO)

1 Year Local Warranty