Oppo UDP-205 Flagship 4K Ultra HD Bluray Universal Player

  • Flagship, Top-of-the-Line
  • Reference Quality Video
  • Best-in-Class Audio Performance
  • Dual ESS ES9038PRO Sabre Pro DACs
  • High Precision Disc Loader
  • Exceptional Built Quality
  • High Performance DAC
  • HDMI 2.0 Input
  • Multiple Disc Formats
  • Media File Playback
  • Dual HDMI Outputs


BEST-In-CLASS Audio Performance:
*Dual SABRE PRO DACs for stereo and 7.1ch analog audio
ES9038PRO is flagship of ESS PRO Series
Best in class 140dB dynamic range in 32-bit, 8-channel DAC
Patented 32-bit HyperStreamDAC tech for outstanding clarity and sound stage.

*USB DAC and Coaxial/Optical Inputs
Asynchronous USB DAC input supports up to 768kHz PCM, DSD 512
Convert digital signals from cable,set-top boxes, TVs, video game consoles etc to analog
Turns any PC into high performing multi-media source with ES9038PRO, bypassing low fidelity, poor quality PC soundcard.

*HDMI Audio Jitter Reduction
UDP-205 features a high-stability, high-precision HDMI clock and a special HDMI audio jitter reduction circuit.
This unique design significantly reduces jitter and eliminates timing errors, increased accuracy when you use the audio-only HDMI output port
PCM and DSD signals rely on the HDMI clock directly for improved sound quality

*Dedicated Stereo Output
Stereo audio output powered by a dedicated ES9038PRO DAC chip and specially designed buffer and driver stages
XLR balanced and RCA single-ended connectors
Balanced output features true differential signal path all the way from the DAC to XLR connector, provides better common-mode noise rejection and improves signal quality.

*7.1-Channel Analog Output
With the second ES9038PRO DAC, UDP-205 delivers an incredible sound stage and an immersive surround experience
Can also be configured to a stereo down-mix mode as a Zone 2 audio source.

*Headphone Amplifier
Built-in, connected directly to the ESS SABRE PRO DAC and offers a unique performance advantage over standalone headphone amplifiers.
This new design offers more power and higher performance, vs BDP-105/105D

*MQA Support
MQA decoding feature with the latest firmware update.
Listeners enjoy full benefit of MQA-encoded music with studio-quality sound.

*Toroidal Power Supply
Clean and robust power source to the audio components.
Separate power supplies for digital and analog circuitry to eliminate virtually all harmful interference.

*Reinforced Chassis Structure
Double-layered chassis

4K Ultra HD
High Dynamic Range
Dolby Vision

Reference Quality Video
High Precision Disc Loader
Exceptional Build Quality

Multiple Disc Formats
Media File Playback
Home Network Access

Lossless Audio Decoding (AIFF,WAV,ALAC,APE,FLAC,DSD)
Roon Ready
High Performance Parts
Advanced Audio Formats

Dual HDMI Outputs
HDMI 2.0 Input
Easy Integration