SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 Surround Sound System

*Super compact HT system
*5 massive sounding Prime Satellites + 1 powerful SB-1000 Pro Sealed Subwoofer
*Punches way above its weight and size class
*Audiophile precision, cinematic dynamics
*3-Years Warranty

A super compact home theater system with 5 massive sounding Prime Satellite speakers and the startlingly powerful SB-1000 Subwoofer.

Punches way above its weight and size class to bring immersive surround sound home audio to any small to medium sized room.

SVS’s audio passion and expertise exceed everything you might expect from such a small and versatile speaker, providing a truly world class listening experience.

The 5.1 system delivers a complete multi-channel experience for movies and music.

Audiophile precision, cinematic dynamics, all at an unprecedented value, and boasting a compact size to work in any room.

Consists of 5x SVS Prime Satellite Speakers + 1x SVS SB-1000 Pro Subwoofer

“Good-sounding small speakers no longer impress me. But a small two-way that’s great-sounding, neutral, and reedonkulously cheap? That’s another story.” reviews on Prime 5.1

“Putting all the pieces together, what we have here is a kilobuck 5.1 speaker system that reproduces the full audio range with real authority, does so with the kind of tonal balance and musicality you might expect from a bookshelf pair at this price
At this price, it’s a genuine achievement.”

“I am pleased to give these bad boys our rare but well deserved perfect score. If you want to truly experience what sound and game designers intended, this system deserves a spot in your living room/den/man cave, now.”

SVS Prime Satellite Speaker – “Best Small Speaker”
Serves admirably as front, center, surround or Atmos DTS:X height effect speaker with astonishing detail and output.

Slightly more than 1/2 inch thickness cabinet… that’s real thick for a satellite..
1″ tweeter with solid super thick big magnet
4.5″ woofer, “the beefiest 4.5″ drive that i’ve even seen…”, Home Theater Junky

Ultra series driver design.
“That magnet is absolutely gigantic..”

Solid heavy weight of 3.05kg per piece!

Available in black ash / piano gloss.

SVS SB-1000 Pro Subwoofer 
-Sledge STA-325D 325W RMS continuous power (820+W peak)
-SVS 12″ high-performance driver
-DSP control for accurate response and refined behavior

Product info:

Prime Satellite 5.1 System

Price:  RM5,999 (Black Ash); RM6,499 (Piano Black)