ABL Sursum T1 Cryogenic MCB / Circuit Breaker

  • Available in 32A, 50A
  • Cyrogenic LN2 Treatment from USA
  • Power Makes Difference!
  • Robust construction
  • Ultra-low temperature freezing tech to maintain current strength and cleanliness to unleash the potential of your equipment

Cryogenic Treated ABL Sursum T1 MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker)

Freshsy Audio Visual quality by injecting strong elctricity – Power Makes Difference!

CRYOgenic treatment greatly enhances quality and performance.

With ultra-low temperature freezing tech to maintain current strength and cleanliness to unleash the potential of your equipment.

Robust construction, it is cryo treated, a process touted to provide better sound quality.

Cyrogenic LN2 Treatment from USA

Impressions / Reviews of the Cryo MCB:

“High frequencies darker, more refined than before. More silent background and better top to bottom coherence in presentation. Imaging is more anchored, with better front to back stage separation too! Subtle but worthy!”

“With the new MCB, the sound became a tad richer and gained a bit more body. The air in the recordings became more obvious, i.e., very minute details became clearer, either due to lower noise level or that the better quality electricity allowing the equipment to get more out of the digital stream. The presentation became just that little more rounded. Overall, the sound became more relaxed and smoother to listen to, giving a less fatiguing listening experience.”


“the most significant it is contributing to my system is how it adds “live elements” to my entire system. The transient rise and fall is freer without hesitation, the dynamic contrast, from a quiet subtle ambient space and hearing how the metaphor of sound, in its full glory timbre, burst into the volumetric space and subsequently hearing how seamless it is and how naturally even it is in the diminishing part, its reverberation precipitating into nothingness. There is dynamic stability found too! The power in handling the crescendos is found to peak less and raised in amplitude level. It allows a system to be driven harder in times of needs.”