Linear Power Supply module for OPPO BDP-105 / 105D & BDP-95

  • Digital SILVER Version
  • Non-Destructive-Modification of Linear Power Supply UPGRADE!
  • Specially developed for Oppo BDP-105 / 105D / BDP-95
  • Custom made fully isolated silver-plated toroidal transformer
  • High precision, ultra low ripple wave resistance, high speed stablized power supply module
  • Imported HiFi grade components
  • Meticulous craftmanship
  • Precision engineering

Specially developed for Oppo BDP-105 / 105D non-destructive modification of Linear Power Supply.

High precision, ultra low ripple wave resistance, high speed stablized power supply module – specially tailored for digital circuit.

Imported HiFi grade components.

Silver-plated pure copper transformer, specifically tailored for the digitals…

Secondary direct leads output to the power board.

Fully isolated, HiFi-grade, ultra low noise


Oppo, and most dvd/bluray players stock power board is of SMPS (switch-mode power supply), due to their efficiency, low cost and ease of manufacturing.
SMPS provides high current, low and multiple voltages easily and cheaply.
They generate a lot RFI (radio frequency interference) at the switching frequency of the supply.

Linear Power Supply provides clean constant voltage and stable current at the output stage.
It provides isolation between the output and input because of the toroidal transformer.


Based on the serious HiFi grade components for audiophile, videophile performance.

An instant performance upgrade solution.

Provides outstanding processing power, constant voltage, stable current for 105 / 105D’s digital part (motherboard)

AV-phile grade components with meticulous craftmanship.

**OPPO DBP-105 / 105D existing toroidal transformers ONLY powers the 7.1Ch analog board and stereo balanced/unbalanced analog board. 

It is using the SMPS board for the motherboard instead…

Price:  RM750 

*  1 Year Local Warranty
*  Installation is provided upon request


i) Oppo dedicated IEC power upgrade kit. It’s Pure Silver cable,  not silver-plated copper.

Made from Gold-plated power inlet IEC, pure silver cables.

ii) Oppo dedicated analog power upgrade kit

Made of silver-plated pure copper OCC cables, lead-free soldering.