Echobox – The Finder X1 Earphones

  • High Fidelity Titanium Earphones
  • Acoustic Filter Tuning System
  • NO AMPLIFIER required.
  • Extremely Durable, Lightweight Comfort
  • German-made PEEK Driver
  • Silver-plated cable
  • 3 Years no questions asked warranty

echobox log
Echobox – The Evolution of Personal Audio

Echobox is a new startup with a strong audiophile’s background.
Echobox have an honest background, made up of past enthusiasts taking their shot at making a product.

Finder X1c

The Finder X1 – High Fidelity Titanium Earphones

Combining innovative structural engineering and highest quality materials, we’ve created an earphone that sounds powerful, lively and transparent, while setting a new industry standard for durability!

Features Acoustic Filter Tuning System (3 Tunings – Bass, Balance and Treble) help you find the sound you love 

Echobox Finder X1 cap

– Better isolation from ambient noise than earbuds
– Good bass range. Solid upper pitch range.
– Medium sensitivity range. NO AMPLIFIER required.

Finder X1a

The world’s most advanced CNC milling tech to deliberately sculpt and acoustically tune the Finder’s titanium housing for ideal acoustic properties, enhancing headroom and instrument separation for a more lifelike presentation of music.

Housings are great and will last for ever:
* Extremely Durable
* Non-Corrosive
* Lightweight Comfort
* Beautiful Sound
* German-made PEEK Driver
* Hypoallergenic

3 Years no questions asked Warranty

Inside the housings is a moderately sized German PEEK driver, 9.2mm in size.
PEEK Drivers produce an exciting sound signature with unprecedented dynamics and detail

These headphones use a Titanium magnet which is uncommon for headphones, but gets the job done.

Silver-plated cable improves the conductivity, ensuring uncompromised signal delivery

Finder X1b

Driver: 9.2mm dynamic driver with PEEK diaphragm
Frequency Response: 15Hz ~ 35kHz
Sensitivity: 96dB/mW
Impedance: 22ohm
THD: < 1%
Housing: Titanium
Plug: 3.5mm Stereo Gold Plated
Cable: 1.2m Silver Plated Copper
Sound Tuning Filter: Reference, Bass and Treble.



Well…. the Finder X1 is not for everyone – just make sure you do like a mild U-shaped sound with a bit of brightness.

In short – Finder X1 is….
Titanium. Single-driver. Compact. Tough cable. Tough body. Acoustic filters. Contrasty
V-shaped sound signature.

“That’s impossible!” The difference, of course, is that I was most happy. Most happy indeed. The X1 is finely machined indeed.

I can say the bass is badass.
So far, I’d say these sound like the CKR9 combined with the Dunu Titan 1. They’re spacious.

First off, really impressed at the design and cable flexibility, its really soft and holds no memory.
One thing which struck me was how tight the bass is, I was impressed at the impact and texture X1 could hold while keeping the mid-range clean for such a small housing.

Finder X1 speaks quality – both sonically as well as aesthetically.

In-Depth reviews of Finder X1

SRP:  RM930

*  3 Years Local Warranty
* Credit Card is accepted
* Welcome for audition

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