Stylus Force Tracking Gauge / Arm Load Meter

  • Simplest and accurate gauge that measures the vertical tracking down-force
  • For vinylphile/serious audiophile to properly set up their analogue rig
  • 5-digit backlit LCD display
  • 5 weighting modes
  • 1 Year 1-1 Exchange Warranty

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Surely the simplest and accurate gauge you’ve ever had the pleasure of using, that measures the vertical tracking down-force.

A must-have for any serious audiophile willing to properly set-up his analogue rig.


It’s completely electronic in nature and therefore not prone to the errors inherent in the balance-style devices.

For those who desire the ultimate in accuracy and convenience

This highly accurate gauge is easy-to-use and sensibly priced.  The unit will prove itself indispensible when requiring an absolute and consistent tracking force reference.

Super-accurate little device you can balance your cartridge’s tracking force to within an inch of its life.



In fact, to within an accuracy or +/- 0.01 gram. It comes with a 5g weight which can be used to auto-calibrate the gauge, a protective cover and has an illuminated LCD display.


Every cartridge has a specific tracking force specification, usually ranging from 1-3 grams. Using the tracking force indicator on the tonearm is usually inaccurate and fiddly. 

Dialing in your correct tracking force is absolutely essential for optimal record playback. If you miss on the heavy side, your sound becomes thick and sluggish. Miss on the light side, and your cartridge is more likely to mistrack and the sound will be light and anemic.


A dedicated stylus force gauge (best option) will enable you to set the tracking force as per the cartridge manufacturers specifications. This will prolong the life of the cartridge and get the very best performance from it


Some guides on measuring:
The stylus is lowered onto a circular sensor located on the top surface of the gauge.
After a few seconds, during which time the LCD display gradually converges on a numeric value, the tracking weight can be read from the display.

Before attempting to set the cartridge’s tracking weight using a gauge and/or a test record, it is best to zero-balance, or “float”, the arm with the cartridge affixed. This provides a good reference point from which to begin to increase the tracking weight towards the desired value. The arm/cartridge is floated by moving the arm’s counterweight either towards or away from the headshell until the arm reaches a point at which it floats with virtual weightlessness. At this point, the tracking weight of the cartridge is approximately 0 grams and can be set accurately using a gauge like one of those described above.

Universally considered the “industry standard” for stylus pressure gauges, with accuracy to within +/- .02 grams and made to laboratory quality

– 5 digit LCD-Display with backlight
– Measurement range of 0 – 5g
– Sensitivity of 0.01g
– Auto calibration function (5g weight tool included)
– Tare function
– Replacement button cells supplied, a leather pouch, all in a gift box.


5 Weighting Modes of:
g – grams
oz – ounce
ozt – trey ounce
ct – carat
TL – Tael-Taiwan



*  1 Year 1-1 Exchange Local Warranty by Actsessory Shoppe Enterprise