Optoma ZF2100 3D RF Glasses

  • Stylish, lightweight, foldable design
  • Fully Rechargeable
  • Optimised for higher contrast & brighter images
  • RF 3D VESA output synchonization
  • 1-1 Exchange Warranty Policy

optoma zf2100
Model: BG-ZF2100GLS

– Clearer, brighter 3D video/images with higher improved contrast + black level.
– Easy to setup and use
Always in sync with no line-of-sight like DLP required.
– Lightweight, stylish design with interchangeable nose piece for customized comfort
Fully rechargeable, long life Lithium Polymer battery
– Come with cleaning cloth and soft bag to keep your glasseing looking new always.

Designed for use with Optoma projectors with 3D VESA output synchonization system.
**Works for other brand projectors’ certain models too e.g Mitsubishi.

* Stylish, lightweight, foldable design – only 39g
* One size for all – fits over prescription glasses
* HD resolution to both eyes using active 3D technology

Developed in parallel with our “Full 3D” projectors, the ZF2100 system is optimised to provide you with higher contrast & brighter images than ever before, while eliminating tedious issues with emitter placement, limited range and potential interference commonly experienced when using Infra-red.
Problems with typical Infra-Red (IR) Glasses are:-
-Easily lose sync
-Difficult to install as it..
-May interferes with remotes
Fully rechargeable, Optoma ZF2100 glasses give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing both installing and using them will be hassle free.

P/S: Requires 3D-RF Emitter BG-BC100B (Available, sold separately) to function with

Compatible with following products:
DH1011, EH505, HD131X, HD25, HD25-LV, HD300X, HD91, W505, EH300, GT750,
HD131Xe, HD25e, HD30, HD33, W401, X401, EH503, GT750-XL

Package comes with:
– ZF2100 Glasses
– Cleaning Cloth
– Silky Soft Carry Pouch
– USB Charging cable
– 2pcs nose pieces for customized comfort
– User Manual
– Documentation

Model Name/ Part No   : ZF2100 Glasses / BG-ZF2100GLS
Operating Frequencies : 96/100/120/144Hz (44/50/60/72Hz per eye)
Operating Temperature: 0’C – 40’C
Dimensions                : 170 x 168 x 40 (mm)
Weight                      : 39g
Battery    Rechargeable Lithium Polymer – Up to 15 Hours use
Range    Up to 40m (Dependent on environment)
Storage Conditions    ≤90% Humidity
Display Requirements : Projector / Display must have a “3D Sync” connector (VESA DIN3)

Our Price:  RM295

*  1 Year 1-1 Exchange Local Warranty by Actsessory Shoppe Enterprise