XLR Pure Copper caps (Male/Female) Gold-plated

  • Audio noise blocker grounding plug
  • Balanced XLR Protection shield against RFI, EMI, dust & corrosion
  • PTFE(Teflon) Insulation
  • Enhance sound purity, lower noise floor
  • Improved sound stage, spatial separation, harmonic details…

Balanced XLR Male / Female Noise-Stopper Protection Caps, Gold-Plated, a neccesary accessory for all unused open input/output jacks of your Hi Fi gears

Insulation is of PTFE (Teflon) for superior noise rejection and lowest capacitance distribution

Effectively keep unwanted interference of EMI and RFI noise (and dust too), enhancing the sound purify from your system

A handful tool of improving the sound quality, other than just a anti-oxidant/rust protection cap

These Noise-Stopper caps are grounding plugs that help you block out this unwanted noise. Just slip a cap over the open inputs on the back of your Hi Fi gears.

It greatly restores the purity of the sound, lower noise floor, making the background noise-free, listening to a song, we feel the improvement of sound stage, richer spatial separation, harmonic details and mid & low frequency cohesion
Especially on the low notes, it’s tighter and speedy.

In short, allowing your equipment to perform to its fullest potential.

Taking off the cap, sure enough, the sound apparently became messy on the edges, sound separation; double bass became muffled, level of retraction obviously was lacking..

 Size comparison with RCA Caps:-

Made of Pure Copper Gold Plated, Made in Taiwan.

 Our Price: RM33/pc