Copper M8 Spike Isolation Feet with Base

  • Solid Copper spike isolation feet suspends acoustic feedback
  • Base/floor disc included for surface protection
  • M8 size
  • For Speaker, Woofer, AV Rack, Speaker Stand


Spike isolation cone feet suspends acoustic feedback from your speakers, subwoofer, AV rack or speaker stand.


– to separate your speakers / woofers or other audio components from vibration.
– The tones will be more focused and tighter, improved clarity, stereo imaging, and bass response.
– Solid weight copper promises high specific gravity


Base/floor disc included to protect the floor / surface from sharp tip.


* Screw to adjust the spikes make sure better contacted.


* Floor disc with M8 screw hole, can become top cover to be stacked on as well.


The sound tuning kit comes with Spike, screw plates, floor disc and top gold ring


Weights at 120g each spike with base pad
Base diameter: 35mm

Our Price:  RM 20/set (1 Spike + 1 Floor Disc)