Airmotiv C2+ Center Channel Loudspeaker

  • 3-Way, 5-Driver Center Channel Loudspeaker
  • Truly great & big sounding loudspeaker
  • Exceptional accuracy, unsurpassed smoothness, amazing precision and detail retrieval
  • Airmotiv 32mm folded ribbon tweeter
  • Superb sound quality, elegant good looks, and excellent value

The Airmotiv C2+ is a 3-way 5-driver loudspeaker that delivers a superb listening experience with surround sound music and movies.

Truly great sounding loudspeaker with exceptional accuracy, amazing precision and detail retrieval, and unsurpassed smoothness.

Airmotiv 32mm folded ribbon tweeter of exceptionally flat on-axis frequency response, smooth off-axis response, amazing transparency, and uncanny imaging.

Dual 3″ Woven fiber midrange with solid aluminum phase plugs, delivers a very smooth response across the critical midrange frequencies, with superb detail.

Dual 6.5″ Woven fiber woofers with high-temperature voice coils, oversized double magnet structures, and vented pole pieces deliver clean, powerful bass – even when reproducing complex musical passages.

Magnetic grille
Bi-amp/bi-wire terminals for even higher performance

Frequency Response: 45Hz – 28kHz
Sensitivity : 92dB
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
Recommended amplifier power: 75W – 350W
Power handling: 150W continuous / 300W peak

Dimensions: H8-5/8” x W31-15/16” x D10-1/2”
Weight: 36.1 pounds

To ensure proper positioning of sounds within the sound stage, the ideal center channel speaker must offer exceptionally wide flat frequency response, both on and off axis.

Airmotiv C2+ of full three-way design avoids the limitations of many other center channel designs, to blend perfectly with your main speakers, and deliver pinpoint accurate imaging across the entire sound stage.

Our design philosophy is simple: If a speaker can reproduce the entire audible spectrum, as accurately as possible, with very little distortion or coloration, then it will sound good – whether you’re playing classical music, rock, or your favorite blockbuster movie.

Excellent technical performance, superb sound quality, elegant good looks, and excellent value

Airmotiv™ high-frequency transducers deliver flat frequency response, low distortion, virtually nonexistent signal compression, smooth off-axis response, superb transparency, and uncanny imaging.

Advanced woven fiber midrange drivers deliver smooth frequency response, and detailed lifelike midrange with very low coloration, and our woofers include high-temperature voice coils and vented pole pieces to ensure crisp bass at all listening levels.

Precision crossovers, crafted with audiophile quality film capacitors, air core inductors, and precision resistors in critical locations, tie it all together.

Price:  RM2,999