SVS SB12-NSD Subwoofer

*400 watts RMS (800w Peak)
*SVS 12″ NSD Front Firing Driver
*Sealed Cabinet
*Sledge amplifier STA-400D
*Thunderous bass of 23Hz – 270Hz
*3-Years Warranty

Unrivaled subwoofer bang for buck!

Powerful enough to energize a space with deep, effortless bass yet compact enough to complement any room décor without taking over visually at the lowest price ever!

SVS SB12-NSD produces massive output and deep bass extension on par with much bigger subwoofers at a fraction of the price.

<<Deep, tight and articulate bass with pinpoint accuracy and transient speed>>

High excursion SVS 12″ NSD driver, front firing
400 watts RMS (800 watts Peak)
Sledge amplifier STA-400D
Ported cabinet
DSP for Fine-Tuning In-Room Performance

Freq Response: 23Hz – 270Hz

A combination of innovative driver design, effortless amplifier power, handsome styling and compact dimensions.

You will never find this level of rock-solid SVS engineering and deep, articulate bass performance at such a low price, ever.

It pumps out loads of deep, flawless and powerful bass with ultra-low distortion, even when pushed to the absolute limit.

“SVS boasts excellent low-end extension and ferocity – but is also fast, detailed and extremely accurate.”

“This small sub is truly a giant killer.”
“… incredible definition.”
“…this little bugger will hold its own right to the level of wall destruction.”

Best choice to pair-up with a SB2000 as well.

3 Years Local Warranty

Price: RM3200 (While stock lasts)