The NEW Darbee Darblet DVP-5000S HDMI Video Enhancer

**Experiencing 4K without the 4K !??

  • Darblet makes high def look higher!
  • Every videophile needs pick this up!
  • It opens a new world of visual realism!
  • Projectors/TV Displays look like more expensive models
  • Gamings become super-immersive
  • Cable/Satellite programme looks much better
  • Smart Phone/Tablet video quality is upgraded
  • The difference is like night and day
  • It’s highly recommended.
  • This is by far the best video enhancement tool I’ve had..
  • 1-1 Exchange Local Warranty

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Darblet takes the HDMI video experience to new heights.

“It was impossible for images and video to appear with the level of depth, clarity and realism UNTIL NOW!!! “

It will add intense depth and clarity to any video — enabling ultra-immersive visuals.
Moduled in a small housing, DarbeeVision technology simply plugs into any HDMI media device and will enhance the output of any video stream, like PC, DVD, Blu-ray, smart phone, and media players and any digital broadcast — on both standard and high-definition TVs / Monitors.

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– “Tweener” Accessory installs between any HDMI source and display
– Plug-n-Play
– Easy to set up – no installation
– Easy to use – simple controls
– Small and transportable
– HDMI 1.4 compliant for the highest fidelity

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“The difference is like night and day. Basically, I think it’s worth every dollar I spent on it.”
– phillyguy83, Home Theater Forum, 2/10/13

“Details pop with a perfect sharpness that just can’t be achieved with any built-in controls on any television set that we’ve ever seen.” – Andru Edwards, Gear Live

“It opens a new world of visual realism and lifelike imagery no matter what the source: 2D or 3D.”
– Gary Reber, Widescreen Review, Issue 168, July/August 2012

Every videophile needs to pick one of these up! – Andru Edwards, Gear Live, 11/16/12

Darbeevision’s Darblet makes high defination look even higher!

It works with latest HDMI 1.4 standard, works with 3D.
It does not only give sharpness, but “deep color” processing with its DVP, gives you extra contrast, DEPTH, making your images looks real life and 3D!
After Darbee… you shall realize there is in fact so much more to improve on even the Bluray!

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WHAT’S NEW on DVP-5000S?

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– DARBEE Visual Presence™ V 2.0 Processing
– Sleek black case
– Dimmable LEDs
– 360 degree IR sensor
– HDMI 1.4 compliant, works with 3D
– 3 Viewing Modes: HiDef, Gaming, Full Pop
Included: IR remote with 2 AAA batteries, 5V power supply with regional adapters, 1.5 m HDMI cable, IR extender cable

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## Comparison with the previous DVP-5000

**The new DVP-5000S fixed some bugs and improved stability over the 5000, and with enhanced case design, circuit, procesing, improved remote control and power adapter, and making IT LASTs….

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Case design with ventilation and anti-slippery padding

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A classy handy remote control now.

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Price:  RM1050 

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