NuPrime uDSD DAC/HeadAmp

  • Direct DAC out(Analog + S/PDIF)
  • Decodes latest hi-res 24-bit 384kHz and DSD256 audio formats
  • USB Asynchronous, doubled jitter reduction
  • Hi-performance headamp(Balanced)
  • USB powered
  • Works with Windows 7/8 & Mac OS
  • Audiophile grade reference DAC


The NuPrime uDSD, a significantly audiophile grade advanced hi-resolution USB-powered portable DAC with head-amp built-in.

Features direct DAC out (analog out) and Coaxial S/PDIF, for a broad variety of systems.

It connects your personal computer’s audio to your home stereo, desktop sound system and headphones.

The powerful headphone amplifier circuit, built on a sophisticated balanced design, provides the uDSD with the ability to drive almost any of today’s headphones -a feature that can also be used to drive active speakers.

Decodes the latest high-resolution music formats, ranging from 44.1kHz to 384kHz (PCM) as well as native DSD decoding from DSD 64 up to DSD 256.
With its native DSD-format decoding capability, uDSD is ideal for upgrading existing high-end non-DSD DACs.
A palm-sized aluminum enclosure provides durability and elegant style.

– 24-bit/384kHz and native DSD 256 support
– Discrete USB audio receiver and D/A converter, with coaxial S/PDIF (24bit/192kHz) output
– Coaxial output can also stream DoP (DSD64) for long distance transmission of DSD from computer
– Asynchronous transfer mode for doubled jitter-reduction at data input and over-sampling filter stages
– High-performance headphone amplifier (balanced design)
– High voltage 2V analog output (fixed volume direct DAC output)
– Coaxial S/PDIF output
– High-quality analog volume control
– Diminutive size
– USB powered, no external power supply required
– Works with Windows 7/8 and Mac OS.
Input: USB 1.1, 2.0, compatible.

– Analog Stereo RCA Out
– Digital Coaxial Out.
– Headphone Amplifier Out (3.5 mm-jack socket)
– USB sampling rates: 44.1,48,88.2,96,176.4,192,352.8,384KHz and DSD 2.8,5.6,11.2MHz.
– Bit resolution: 16-24-bits.
– Output: Analog RCA 2V rms (DAC out).
– Headphone output: max 140mW x 2 @ 32 ohm.
– Dynamic range: 98dB.
– S/N ratio: 112 dB.
– THD+N < 0.01%.
– Power: USB-Bus powered, 150mA/5V.

“…Reference, appearance, compactness, design, all in the portable DAC with headphone amplifier NuPrime uDSD recalls the DAC previously marketed under the NuForce brand. But if the name has changed, the force becoming excellence, performance followed the same path as the uDSD is capable of playing digital audio files up to 24-bit PCM 384 kHz and DSD files to 2.8, 5 6 and 11.2 MHz…

…very nice sound space and airy restitution, full of life and details…this first DAC stamped NuPrime uDSD is able to decode all types of digital audio file that can be encountered today, even if some of them are very homeopathic way, and this with results sometimes sound a bit bright, but really really good…”, PHILIPPE DAUSSIN, editor/qobuz (France)

“…Performance as Headphone amp

vs uDAC-3

– can immediately tell the uDSD is stronger and a cleaner through the whole range

– it’s not a matter of energy or detail, just a sense of a haze that is lifted

vs HDP

– almost on par with the HDP headphone out on technical ability

– HDP has more power overall, better subbass presence because of that

– with the Wyrd I would say uDSD has slightly better detail across the board

…It’s a really fantastic multi-tool. It was great when auditioning new gear and I didn’t want to install drivers. Took it to a local and just fed the Moon Neo 430HA from the coax. I had an Oppo HA-1 on loan and I fed it coax and RCA simultaneously so I could evaluate and switch inputs directly…”, Armaegis

SRP:  RM839

*  1 Year Local Warranty
* Comes with USB Cable and Documentation
* Credit Card is accepted
* Welcome for audition

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