Milty Pro Zerostat 3 – Static Neutralizer, Anti Static for Vinyl, CD.

  • Patented device that neutralises static charges
  • Helps keep LP records, vinyl, CDs, film, lenses, static-free, dust-free and lint-free.
  • LP or CD, the Zerostat 3 does make it better!


A patented device that neutralises static charges on virtually any surface without the need for sprays, the Zerostat 3 by Milty helps keep LP phonograph records, vinyl, CDs, DVDs, film, negatives, lenses, glass, and plasticware static-free, dust-free and lint-free.

Hence Milty Zerostat Gun is also designed for removing dust from vinyl, turntables and other dust sensitive devices; it works by eliminating the electrostatic charge on for example the LP record thus making the record inert. Plus many additional uses where dust attraction is a problem

It is the latest development and incarnation of the renowned Zerostat piezo-electric that has been proven worldwide in neutralizing static electricity found in the laboratory, office, and home.

Not surprising that many service engineers who carry a Zerostat 3 as part of their tool kit.

LP or CD, the Zerostat 3 does make it better!

Zerostat 3 produces negative and positive ions that couple with the positive and negative static charges on an object’s surface, effectively neutralising them.

Due to years of storage, LPs have accumulated alot of static and dirt.
All those “Ticks and Pops” and “Screechy” distortions coming from LPs when being played.

“But with a zap by the Zerostat 3, I can say that nearly 80% of those nasty surface “ticks and pops” had vanished! The slightly screechy high frequencies were gone too! The LP is now not only listenable, in fact I can almost enjoy the music now. But some of those stubborn surface dirt still clings on and only a through wash will do those I guess.”

“The Milty also noted that CD sound will benefit from a zap too! So I tried it on one of my current favorite CDs, I Dream Of An Opera, produced by Rhymoi Music China. The recording is totally natural sounding, and capable of transforming the listener to the recording of the event in a China CCTV studio(if you hifi system is up to par).”

“Apparently each zap is supposed to be permanent once treated. But I sometimes found my self zapping the same LP a few more times, just to be sure, but it does not bring further improvement on the once treated LPs.”

“I’ve also found another use for the Zerostat 3. I’ve found by pointing the nozzle from a few inches away to the direction of the cartridge helps too. I’ve been in the process of running in an “old” new cartridge this past month or so. The highs are somewhat fizzy and splashy at the same time. But I have no choice except to endure whilst the cartridge is being run in. With a zap from the Zerostat 3, the said cartridge now has a gentler, not to mention tidier sounding high frequencies. It brought a smile to my face each time I listen to an LP.”

“I am keeping the Milty Zerostat 3!(If it seems that I am always lapping up review samples, call me weak if you must. I just can’t help my self, not especially if the product is so effective!)”


“A complete squeeze cycle results in a neutral static condition—one perfectly in balance, neither too heavy nor too light—and my LPs play quietly. This step in my LP-playing routine grew out of necessity and has become a habit. The process is especially important in the cold winter months, when the air in my small apartment is dry, and debris stubbornly clings to my LPs and my cartridge’s stylus.”

– This thing is everything claimed. Clicks and pops either greatly reduced, or in the case of some less payed discs almost as quiet as a CD. It is well worth the price!

I have been using the Zero-stat in combination with a Hunt carbon fiber brush. The Zero-stat allows the brush to pick up all the dust and dirt and removes all static charge. I highly recommend this solution to getting the dust and dirt off of the record.

This is my second zerostat. My first was thirty years old. It still worked but they do have a usable life span. More than once I’ve watched hairs and other debris jump off of my record albums when I started squeezing the trigger. If you love your vinyl, you need this tool to help clean.

Have always had confidence the Zerostat would remove static from my vinyl records. We’re now using it with our Large Format Digital Flatbed UV Printer. It helps remove the static from sheets of Acrylic and rolls of Pressure Sensitive Vinyl before we commit to print.

Squeeze the trigger slowly, a powerful stream of positive ions projects over a spread of about 400mm.
Release it slowly, and negative ions are produced.

Zerostat lasts for at least 50,000 trigger operations.
It requires no power supply, batteries or refills and is a long lasting alternative to cleaning brushes
After I played a record, I removed the LP from the platter without using the Zerostat. The foam mat stuck to the record.


I placed the record back on the platter and then used the Zerostat gun according to the instructions. The record came off the platter this time with no foam mat attached. The gun obviously worked, and I have to do this with every play on my AR-XA turntable.

“We have been surprised to find that the Milty Zerostat 3 is more popular with scientific research laboratories than with LP enthusiasts!  We often get orders for 3-10 devices from university and research centers around the world.
highly rated for its ability to improve the sound quality of records and CDs by removing static.”


Available in Blue only, as pictured.