Bada LB-5500 (2017) HiFI / AV Power Plant with UK Plug

  • Latest 2017 facelift model!!
  • Bada top of line model, 2-Way Professional Grade Power Filter
  • 3000W HiFi Grade Line Conditioner
  • Outstanding Performance Award
  • Mains AC Power Purifying
  • Built in analog Voltage Input meter
  • (NEW) Ground/Phase detector
  • 1-1 Exchange Warranty Policy

    NEW!! 2017 Facelift Model

    “Bada has been in HiFi business for 25 years, delivering value for money products with absolutely no compromise in design & quality.
    Branded international parts are used inside all BADA products.
    Many of us has heard about the Bada line conditioner & its effectiveness, although that’s Bada’s secondary export. (Their primary export products are amps)”

Our era of rapid development in technology brings a serious disturbance to the power grid. It greatly interferes our precious audio visual equipment, making the quality suffered.
Noisy background, vague soundstage and unclear positioning, etc are a few of the side effect of the interfered noisy AC line…

Bada’s top of line LB-5500 2-Way HiFi Audio Visual Power Filter Plant, Surge/Lightning Protection


6x Universal sockets
4x US standard sockets

– A design of 2 way, 2 sets of individual independant filtering power supply, 2 On/Off switches for more practical and convenient operation.
– 2 groups of toroidal filtering elements, 8 sets of red Wima-MKP10 filtering capacitors.
– Won pro recepticles, 12 AWG high purity solid core copper for maximum transmission, speedy energy supply.

lb5500e act

Features Professional grade Wonpro outlet socket, WIMA Caps, wiring of great industrial cable 500V section of 2.5 sqmm for a guaranteed excellent result.
Heavy duty aluminum alloy chassis.

  • Upgraded inductor 1.8mm solid core conductor vs previous 1.6mm
  • Precised matching 6x Wima MKP-10 filtering cap + 2x 0.22 Solen, France 2nd Gen SCR caps
  • Cardas lead for soldering points

  •  Brushed aluminum casing furnished.
  • Pentagon OCC conductor (Bada’s patented technology), increased surface for improved mid high frequencies.

– Power AC Purifying and Conditioning.
– Overload protection
– Power Surge / Lighting Surge protection.
– Analog Voltmeter

*Increased transparency
*Circuit breaker / not fuse based.
*Detachable power cord for more flexibility, user may upgrade to other OFC power cord for more improvement in future.

Maximum power of 3000VA, 15A
Size: 345 x 132 x 100 mm
Weights: 3.8kg

* Black color

“Many are skeptical about the importance of power conditioning, but I am an advocate for cleaner power to the electronics.”, Steveblog

Power AC noise tested with ENTECH wideband powerline noise analyzer.
– A direct wall outlet shows 58.5 units of grid disturbance interference (AC noise).
– With the LB-5500 put on, the noise tester shows a bare filtering residual value of 1 !!

bada5500b act

This is a simple demo of the noisy dirty electrical pollution and how effective a power conditioner in dealing with them.

From google…
Dirty electricity is electromagnetic pollution (EMI or RFI) that’s created by many electrical devices and is caused by interruptions in the flow of normal current.
Also potentially pose a wide range of health problems…

NEW 2017 Facelife Model Price:  RM665 nett.

*  1 Year 1-1 Exchange Local Warranty by Actsessory Shoppe Enterprise
**Package comes with a box and power cable PLUS

FREE GIFTS of i) RCA Protective Caps of 12pcs!

RCA cap

**Package comes with a box and power cable MK UK/Malaysia plug PLUS

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