Bada LB-3300 HiFI / AV Power Plant

  • High Quality Power Line Conditioner
  • A compact version of the LB-5500
  • 2500W; 15A; 8x outlet sockets
  • Pure AC power output greatly enhances your “sensitive” AV/HiFi equipment performance
  • 1-1 Exchange Warranty Policy

“Bada has been in HiFi business for 25 years, delivering value for money products with absolutely no compromise in design & quality.
Branded international parts are used inside all BADA products.
Many of us has heard about the Bada line conditioner & its effectiveness, although that’s Bada’s secondary export. (Their primary export products are amps)”

Our era of rapid development in technology brings a serious disturbance to the power grid. It greatly interferes our precious audio visual equipment, making the quality suffered.
Noisy background, vague soundstage and unclear positioning, etc are a few of the side effect of the interfered noisy AC line…

BADA LB-3300 Power Conditioner, the little brother of the top end LB-5500.


Hi-Fi / AV Power Plant, 2500W, 15A

Universal worldwide input voltage compatible.

6x Filtered socket outlets (including 2x American standard IEC sockets) + 2x direct unfiltered socket outlets , for different needs.

BLACK color

Features Wonpro outlet sockets

bada3300 mud1

– Power AC Purifying and Conditioning.
– Overload protection
– Power Surge / Lighting Surge protection.

bada3300 mud2

For the serious disturbance power grid we have now in this technology developing era with all the widely used digital electronic equipment.
This greatly affects your more sensitive AV equipment and turns them into vague background, noisy background, and unclear positioning.

Mainly used for home theater, HiFi audiophile, medical / delicate eletronic equipment.

*High purity copper wire and the bigger coil possible for transmission loss reduction and ensures speedy energy supply
*Pro grade Wonpro power outlet with super thick gauge copper wire
*Red WIMA-MKP10 caps for smoother transparent audio fidelity, wide soundstage.

*Detachable power cord, for future upgrade
*SAFE for your equipment and effectively upgrade your system into another higher level!

Dimension of 360 x 122 x 60mm
Weights at 1.8KG


“The build quality is solid and robust and is a good item to be added to clean up the mains power and let you enjoy the music more!”

“I’ve experienced better sounding music reproduction, more silent with less background noise when equipment was plugged in through the Bada LB-3300.
The sound staging also appeared slightly deeper and wider.
It didn’t seem to inhibit the dynamics produced on the various pieces of equipment in the system and in fact I detected some improvement.” , StevesBlog


Not only protect your gear from surge, you get better picture & sound quality for your HT!

“Bada is a brand from China, present in its home market since the second half of the ’80s, and recently imported (somehow …) in Italy.

It’s a sturdy rectangular metallic black, strongly developed in depth while maintaining a modest overall dimensions

The capacitors belong to the series of red Wima, while the wiring is made with a great industrial cable 500V section of 2.5 sqmm.

Good listening and feeling.” Article by Italian

A test of how dirty is our AC current.. imagine having those into our system…

Dirty Electricity demo.. EMI/RFI noise in our AC current.

Tester: Powerline Noise Analyzer from UK, made in USA
Place: SS14, Subang Jaya

The meter is capable of showing maximum reading of 199.9, anything above that will be shown as 1, and the OverRange LED lits up.
And noise is also output from the internal speaker.

entech lb a entech lb

This is a simple demo of the noisy dirty electrical pollution and how effective a power conditioner in dealing with them.

 Our Price:  RM420 nett.

*  1 Year 1-1 Exchange Local Warranty by Actsessory Shoppe Enterprise
**Package comes with a box and power cable PLUS

FREE GIFTS of i) 3-Pin Adapter  and  ii) RCA Protective Caps of 12pcs!

3pin adapter RCA cap

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